Thursday, June 4, 2009

a wednesday night

well, first, berlin is scheduled to show this weekend in the breed ring. one of her only breed ring appearances at all this year. of course, being a skinny little dog, im trying to beef her up - feeding her as much as she wants at meal times.

yeah, backfired. yesterday she had explosive diarrhea. all over her crate in the car. cleaned her, the crate, and everything else at work, but i didnt want to work her in agility because i didnt want her to eat anything at all.

worked rah instead at agility - he had a blast!! we worked on wave jump grids, and he did awesome - they all think it will really help him to learn to control himself and control his jumping. we also worked weaves and how she teaches a full set of weaves.

went out to eat with chris and lydia, then went to rah's open class. we were all crazy (or at least i was!) - decided if i was fatter rah would have a better chance of hitting front position, then he'd have a bigger target. you know, hitting the broad side of a barn. not like im a skinny girl to start with.

worked retrieves- rah spent about 30 minutes working on the flat, and kathy worked him too. ended up putting him on the flexi, and calling him the minute he turns. none of that stevie wonder stuff too - give up the db when i say out, plain and simple. you know what i am asking for, and if you want it to happen (another throw/toss/retrieve) you better give it up. no more playing games, he understands what is expected and now he's just screwing around.

and we worked on no nonsense approach to his life issues (like outing with the tennis ball) - he wont bring it to front and he tries to avoid doing what he doesnt want to do - downing, running away, etc. you want your game to continue, you better do what is asked of you.

then we applied it to his high jump.

i dont think im showing him tomorrow - forgetting his front issues, its wet and supposed to rain tomorrow, and i dont think i want him jumping that height in the rain.

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