Sunday, June 17, 2012

not really training related

i still have to go out and train the dogs sometime today but right now we're digesting a late lunch.

yesterday chill accompanied me to both sides of my family's houses for parties and get togethers. he was, as expected, a huge hit and lovable all around.

things he likes: babies
things he doesn't like: pools

he was awesomely well behaved (things i dont get with the dobermans!)

but he had fun.

played with the hose:

you know hes going in to lick the baby, right? 

baby licking is hard work

i may be biased, but i think this little thing is quite adorable

Friday, June 15, 2012

all the to-do about a blog...

we hit the big time when my blog was featured on a facebook group :)
nothing major, but its nice to be in groups where i can discuss training. hopefully we all learn something, right?

matched the baby dogs last weekend. they did great - the first run cherry was scattered and distracted, afraid of the post and her coffee mug and couldnt pull it together. her second run she was able to focus on me and work and push and heel and be a smart baby dog. i think she just needs a lot more time than any of my other dogs ahve needed to adjust to a location - even if its her training building, because everyone and everything was different. she had quite a few good SFE's with great focus, and in the end she was bouncing in heel.

chill on the other hand could care less. he's a super star and just takes everything in stride. he worked and focused on me the entire time both runs. we did heeling, attention work, db work, marking, sit/stand/down work, and just did a lot of work. he was even able to work at the ring gates with other dogs sniffing him through the gate -w hat a good boy!

time to get matching again. cherry was finally spayed so i can ILP/PAL her soon, and then id like to do beginner novice with her sometime this year. and maybe some rally?

i leave you with this:
the cuteness of my littles.