Saturday, September 19, 2009

well, last week rah was broken so he didnt train at all. we just did berlin-

agility was good. awesome. serpentines, running some courses. she did awesome in open the next day too. but over a week later, i cant remember details :)

this week -
start with agility -
more serpentines, handling them from both sides, pushing and pulling (i couldnt get the front cross in, she's too fast). also worked more courses with 180s, then worked the contact trainer. \

rah did open and utility on wednesday - open was only me, so we started with a run through. heeling, dor and fig8 were fine. then we got to ROF...
she wanted to see where he was in his progress and it was bad bad bad - especially since he hasnt been worked in 2 weeks! he was wide, he was sloppy, and he had terrible fronts. so we worked those - trying to change when i say out to clean up the hand off since he hates to give it up (PLEASE CAN WE LOVE THE DB A LITTLE LESS???), and reminding him where he needs to be - and corrections for not trying v. not understanding (always crucial).

worked ROH which is better since the jump leads him in. then broad jump - he's relying on the cues too much and cutting the corner, which means he cant hit the front since he's turning in mid air - we put a bowl down in the corner so if he lands on it, it will discourage him. then we just added a verbal "get out" with an arm movement with the command so that we can get him to jump the far side of the jump, which worked much better and enabled him to get to front...

utility signals were ok, but she doesnt want him doing a moving stand. go outs - changed where the ball was placed and still worked the "look" to get him over himself staring at go out. jumps ok. articles - he missed the first article when he was distracted by his bag, but he got the next three so that was good.

then gloves came. and rah turned into mr. poopyfaceidontwanttodoglovesihatethiswhypivotijustwanttoretrievethem.
so he decided not to work, so we had to get through it - slow sits, slow set ups, NO sits, NO set ups. skipped sending him for gloves and worked him through that - we all know he can retrieve the stuff no problem - then of course he finally gets a retrieve and the flexi is ripped out of my hands and it hits him in the butt!!!!!

lots to think about from that class...

next day we had open with roo - did lots of games and broke down all the behaviors - relay games for retrieves, for broad jumps, etc. worked heeling a bit, LOVELY fig8's, played drop games. overall very good, good attitude.

utility for rah - signals were ok - some anticipation on his part again but worked the stand most of all. articles he got really stressed by the presence of kathy on the other side of the gate working secret and the minute kathy got near him he grabbed and ran - so we had to work through that. go outs and such we did a relay game again, and worked on walking into the ring cold and having to set up for a go out and he did awesome - no jumping today. skipped the moving stand again, since he's showing in open soon. gloves - again, need to break it down further for him, so...

there's our homework for the week. lots to think about.

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