Sunday, June 20, 2010

cant resist

i cant resist this background, i just cant!

i know ive been remiss in posting updates. berlin is still out of obedience. she came back to agility class this week but it was clear she has NO endurance and we need to work on that - she ran 4 times and by the end of class she was in her crate with her nose pushed against the crate door, snoozing. i was running her tentatively so she was running slower than normal, and we ran her at 20 inches.

this weekend i worked some jump grids, worked weaves, (forgot to work entrances, bad me) and worked wraps, rear crosses. need to work more cues for front crosses too.

this weekend i also dropped the metal base for 6 weave poles on my foot. its not broken, but it sure feels like it.

she comes back to class (obedience) this week, i think.

rah and utility - mixed bag. we've really been putting pressure on him at the signal stay because if this is hard in training, the simplicity of it all in the ring should make it easy on him. hopefully. gloves - WHY CANT YOU LOOK AT ME. need to slow down the article pile. moving stand has been ok. and go outs have been ok this week too...

but my bigger concern is that rah broke a tooth. yes, dog with heart disease, that just had to have anesthesia to get stem cells, broke a friggin tooth. not only that, but i was prepared to ignore it - but now its abscessing and i cant ignore it - he's hesitant to chew on that side.

so now i need to figure out how i am going to get this tooth out. he has entries this weekend, but i may blow them if he has surgery this week, because he may not be able to retrieve. i need to figure out where he carries the db in his mouth... im not sure i ever looked.

i cant believe i have to put my dog under stupid anesthesia AGAIN. i cant decide if i want to try to save this tooth or just pull it. i cant even decide where to have it done...


Crystal said...

Oh, geesh! I'm so sorry poor Rah can't catch a (health) break! I'll be interested to hear what you decide.

(Love the background, though!)

M.T. said...

Yeah, love the background!

Berlin sounds like Atia right now -- no endurance! Gotta work on that!

Sorry about the tooth, hope you come to a decision soon ... poor Rah ..