Tuesday, October 26, 2010

so so negligent on my part :)

last week was the second week in a row that i ended up skipping thursday utility because i was exhausted. wednesday we had a private lesson with chris parker in agility, and berlin did well - some things to work on (Will i ever have the time??) especially in regards to her weave pole entrances and collecting herself. wed utility with rah was more of the same - i know where we need to work on things! thurs i just did berlin in novice - we are still working the basics of bridget stuff right now and charging her "words" but she's doing a nice job.

sunday we matched and rah was too creative in utility (WHO taught him words for the directed jumping and why didnt he need me?) open was a battle of wills (YOU GO WHEN I TELL YOU not when the judge says it), berlin did a nice job in novice tho!!!

checked out a rescue dog and long story short, she wasn't for me.

sending in entries for berlin and rah... so tired!


Terrorzinhos said...
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Terrorzinhos said...

Love your blog!
Your dogs are so beautiful!
I am a doberman lover!
Hope we could be friends!
Big kisses and pawshakes from Portugal!

Cristina, Jack, Kaiser & Farrusquinho