Saturday, June 18, 2011

a good weekend so far

making the sleepings together

berlin rearranging her bed after she got to play in the hose

wait, HOW long until i run?

rah being overstimulated

berlin with her ribbons so far!

running agiity at JAG's new agility site for the trial this weekend - its hot as hell there. the flooring isn't bad, berlin isn't slipping and i love the sprint turf in the one site. virtually no air movement and while its not as hot as it would be outside, its still hot! id definitely still show there again tho and berlin seems to like the venue!!!

yesterday we missed a q in fast when she missed the teeter but nailed everything else.
in open standard i celebrated too soon and she took the last bar (bad handler) - hard course and only three dogs in open qualified, period!
but after 6 months, our drought is over and berlin q'd in jww and was a super star!!!!! it wasnt pretty and she broke her startline stay resulting in a refusal at jump three when she blew past me and we had to circle back to take the jump ... not the prettiest but it was a q!

this morning was day 2 - started out with novice fast, and she aced the run (in 14 seconds ha!) with 58 points to get her second NF leg for what has to be the fastest FAST leg ever. i wasnt going to try to get super points, i wanted in and out and no fancy stuff. we got out points and got out.

JWW - we had another startline problem but we managed to pull out another ugly Q for our TITLE!!! yes, we are forever done with that miserable class and moved up to open jumpers for tomorrow!!!!

open standard - i made two mistakes with her and they were all my own fault (calling her name over the triple so she turned midair and took a bar, i dropped my arm and didn't support a jump and she came in) but other than that she rocked it.

im very proud of her -she's running her heart out, in the heat, hasn't left me once, she's running super fast, she's running with me, she's running like a good girl!!!!!!

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