Thursday, July 7, 2011

awesome training - are we doomed this weekend?

the dogs all trained really well last night.
which makes me think im doomed for this weekend.

cherry in puppy class was a superstar. we did moving attention with distraction of a person near us (4-6 feet) and she was awesome. i used her name to remind her but i didn't even need to use come, just saying her name she refocused on me and was right back and ready to do moving watch like a superstar.

she is CRAZY for the db. still hates metal articles. so crazy that like rah, she ran away with the db. i love it. love it love it love it. worked fronts - will have to shape those since she's not understanding straight because she's already too tall to teach like a baby dog :) and her stands and sits are nice, will have to eliminate some signals and go to verbal. and put it in heel position.

berlin was awesome in utility too. did two gloves and she marked them1!!!!!!!!!!! go outs i changed her focal point and she got it -need to bring in the turn and sit now. and directed jumping she rocked. she's solidly in the middle of week two of ATC, by the end of the week i will go to week 3. signals i barely worked but she's good at 4-5feet. not bad for a baby dog.

rah was solid in utility.

so im afraid. now rah's not going to finish his UD this weekend because everyone trained too nicely. damnit.


Dawn said...

Nope, all the training goodness is just going to flow right along with you into the show ring. Good luck and have fun.

Amy / Layla the Malamute said...

Good luck this weekend! I know how you feel, the whole, "Things are going so well so something must break" idea. Hopefully it skips you by though.

I want to meet Cherry! Are you guys entered in any agility coming up? We're not doing obedience until at least October.