Wednesday, February 22, 2012

always late

i had planned on updating more, but again life gets in the way.

i had hopes of bringing rah out of retirement - his favorite shows are coming up and the judging panel is amazing for him.
but whatever is going on with his elbow is still there - hes mostly sound, but he wont drop - for signals or the DOR.
so i guess his retirement is for real. i started crying when i emptied his stuff out of my training bag but its time to make way.

cherry is doing really well. she's a good girl and tries so hard - she has a lot of rahs good qualities and less of his bad ones. shes still learning focus, and her response to commands is ... well... blue : ) but she tries hard. she's softer and more sensitive than him, but she's got lots of drive and she's more biddable. she's very willing to offer me behaviors and she's super cute with a great sense of humor.

chill is a butthead. he's a tough dog and i love him - his class starts next week. he's very funny and VERY cuddly - and he's a lot like my dobermans. i can see border collies becoming fixtures in this house. i was so nervous about adding something else to the house, but he's an awesome dog. the surprising thing is how cuddly he is - just as much as my dobes. and hes much more self-controlled at a young age than ANY of my dobes. he comes out of his crate and rolls over for me to rub his belly. if i sit on the ground he runs over and jumps in my lap and collapses for cuddles.

he also loves the girl dobes - he wont ever be meeting rah for obvious reasons - but the girl dobes love him. and he LOVES people - he sees them and he starts wagging furiously and his ears go back and he licks licks licks. he's going to be interesting to train but he's wickedly smart.

so, im toying with changing the name of the blog... or maybe the description. this isn't rah anymore, this isn't my novice A dogs. or should i start a new one?

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Amy / Layla the Malamute said...

I would not change the blog name, or title, or make a new one. You still dream of OTCH, right? And if it wasn't for your pursuit of it with Rah there's a good chance you wouldn't be training Cherry or Chill. So your future OTCHes are a direct result of your journey with Rah, and I think they should stay linked. Maybe amend the description to include the others (and how you went from Novice A to UD) but don't change it too much.