Thursday, July 5, 2012

the littles go to a match (video proof!)

last weekend i took three new dogs to matches, and one new handler.

my boyfriends sister has the "showyourdog" bug and has her young english cocker spaniel (incidentally, my dogs very bestest friends!) in obedience classes - hes ready to start matching and has his first entry (in rally) this month.

so i took rock it!, cherrybomb and chill to the match. it was everyones first real match - cherry and chill have had one at our own training building, but this is the first time ive asked them to perform in front of others at another training building.

the dogs did spectacular! i was so concerned cherry would disconnect from me, but she was a super star! she was so attentive and focused and up and bouncy i was so pleased! chill was his super star self and while we had some issues with clapping that we had to work out he did so well ! rock it and chrissi were amazing too - i didnt want to be too forceful but i had a lot of hints for her because she's brand new to this - i wish i had someone to hold my hand when i started, and i WISH someone had told me that 5 minutes of awesome high energy fun training is better than 30 minutes of half hearted. i want my dogs 100% into me, and in the beginning i want play and fun - and she had her little english cocker spaniel heads up prancing in heeling and tugging like a doberman :)

without further adieu, i do have videos of two of the entries :)
i used a few of them in a training discussion on another forum - because i used a physical correction on chill, i use an ignore and reset on cherry with her heeling, and i have to look at see if i can find NRMs in there.


the bomb!

what these videos have taught me: i need to start really working fronts on the babies. for real.

oh. and i need to get cherry her PAL.

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