Wednesday, August 29, 2012

moving on up

this week is chills last week in baby classes - next week he moves up to novice!
and cherry goes back to class this week - i took time off because she needed a month to recover from her spay/pexy, and we reworked some things with privates.
of course, they cant both be in novice so cherry is moving to a different class on a different day.

we started back with agility and foundation work too - both dogs love it (of course)
berlin may be going back to nosework in a few weeks too... (if i can afford it, ha!)

class tonight with chill was good. hes been a little off... hard to put my word on it, but quieter and tiring more than usual. i dont know if this is maturation or if something is wrong. i get this way if my dogs sleep too much ha ha ha ha ha.

anyway in class his heeling is getting super pushy. i need to remember to keep my cookie back because hes starting to heel like rah and kathy yelled at me :) hes pushing and pushing and pushing and i need to start pushing back into his space. hes so funny though for left turns he cranks his head around and i need to break that because its so obvious!!!!

worked fronts and recalls and attention with them - hes having problems when other people throw toys and he's supposed to be focused. one sounded like a db hitting the floor and his ears were ALL over the place... like mother like son. will need to work on that for his entire career im sure. worked stays (sit and down) and chill has forgotten how to stand on command so we have to visit that this week :)

on his heeling i have to remember to make eye contact. all the other dobes besides rah have never wanted eye contact and doing it pushed them back - kathy says i need to look at him and push him because hes starting to forge and get crazy. and hes also starting to anticipate and cheat even when he doesnt know whats going on.

hes such a good boy though and tries.

both baby dogs are in foundation agility and love it - we are working on contacts, flatwork, starting jump grids and boxwork. little geniuses!

videos and pics to follow! we may be going out to the schutzhund club on saturday. berlin wants to bark at people and i think chill wants to bite (i mean herd) everything.

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