Monday, September 1, 2008

as copied from the emails (i am a lazy lazy blogger)

Yesterday, at the Morris Hills DTC show, Rah got his second leg of his CD by taking first place in his class!

The day was a disaster from the start - car troubles, running very late, getting to the show site and having a heart attack finding out that the judge who was originally supposed to be there hurt his back and I ask who is filling in - someone goes, Kathy walker -- I go - BUT I TRAIN UNDER HER!! The parking lot is full and I'm just about ready to turn around when I see someone else who assures me that Kathy made sure to find someone ELSE to judge my class so I could still show (THANK YOU) and they have another judge coming to judge my class... but she's also judging rally. Our class didn't start until almost 4 because of the rally classes, and by then Rah was a LUNATIC, all he wanted to do was WORK WORK WORK.

Great set ups, wonderful attention, PERFECT transitions, nice attitude-- but uh, TOO MUCH ATTITUDE! He was all over me, forging and crowding with the best of them. The comments were "he's a LOT of dog!" He didn't drop his head once in the ring, he was fast, flashy and VERY up. We both came out of the ring panting, but it was good enough for first with a 193.5!

Aside from 3 crooked sits (an improvement for us, something I've been working on) and Rah's adjustment on the front that actually MADE him crooked for a total of 2 points off, ALL the other points were forging forging forging forging, and 2 crowding. Mostly on leash, too.

So, 2 points lower than our first leg, but another first place! Hopefully I can find a way to bring a *little* less dog in the ring and keep him under better control - he overpowers me in heeling when he is that up!

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Pacco de Mongrel said...

congratulation to rah...wat a great attitude he had there.

for such a long waiting period, my dog might he half asleep..