Friday, April 17, 2009

handling for teamwork

Handling For Teamwork by Patty Ruzzo

  • Clear, concise, consistent handling is reinforcing to your dog.
  • Body Posture, facial expression, verbal tones, energy level, positive expectations and clear, recognizable signal and verbal cues all play a part.
  • Attention starts with the handler. Trainers who are totally focused on their canine partner will receive reciprocal attention from that dog.
  • Handler sets him/herself up first and checks own body position for straight alignment before expecting perfection from the dog.
  • Handlers feet in line and pointed forward, shoulders over hips.
  • Soft focus on floor in front of handler. See dog in peripheral vision.
  • Walk, think, focus on straight lines.
  • Give verbal and/or signal cues before commencing heeling, pivoting, and stays.
  • Shorten stride length on all turns, halts, and curves of the figure 8.
  • Double track (not single track) when doing left and right turns, the slow pace, and on both curves of the figure 8.
  • Take responsibility! The dog is exactly where you put him.

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Kathie R said...

Great articles. Thanks for posting! I need to keep reading and rereading about positive training so it becomes my default training method. I sometimes forget and need to be reminded :)