Saturday, April 18, 2009

This is post 3 of 3 today (I'm getting them all out!!!!) - make sure to go read them all!

So Thursday class (remember, im working backwards - ill get to wednesday last)

Novice - started with set up/transition exercises - walking from set up point to set up point, and setting them up, then transitioning to the next set up point. she did well when she was on leash, but when i took it off i felt she was a little laggy on the transition. terry said i really didnt move out while i heeled, and she's right - i didnt (upon review of the videos i took). i wouldnt want to heel much with me if i heeled like that either - its like a self-fulfilled prophecy - shes of leash, i push her back by looking and slowing.

worked heeling as a group while two dogs in the group did the cookie toss game in the interior.
did well - except when i tossed for berlin, the berner in the class tried to attack berlin. she came back to me immediately. heeling looked pretty good there.

worked recalls after - berlin ran crooked (her butt was not lined up with her front feet!) but she ran in a straight line and hit a straight front. woohoo!

she did 3 min sits and 5 min downs without a problem.

Open -
heeling. worked on sudden left turns into rah withoutu any cue to get him off my body. we shall see. did lots of other heeling work - transitions and tricky heeling patterns.

worked fig8 and terry said that i need to push my right leg in training with my hand so that i push into RAH instead of walking to the right - i LET him forge by walking to the right. or does he push me? who knows.

broad jumps were nice. recalls/drops - we decided the night before that my signal involves too much upper body movement so i probably am losing points for rah so i worked on that.

didnt do the high jump.

for ROF - we are now going to be trying a new thing - first, rah only gets to give me the db from a sit (since i got no fronts in the ring). and the minute he outs, he gets it right back. i will do it repeatedly and always let him keep the db. we will see.

Utility -

started with signals. Heeling was ok, and I'm using a stick on the ground to remind rah not to move on the stand signal. terry watched my signals wondering if it was something i was doing, but in the end we decided i WAS using the best signals for him :) he did do some nicely - he just needs to figure out what i need from him. i forgot to bring his clicker out for that so that was my bad. i didnt recall him at all - im not recalling at all for this anymore until the stands are better. no more forward motion.

gloves - pivots SUCKED. i dont know what happened - my footwork was gone, i was leaning over him, he didnt want to sit - it was just all over the place. actually marking and retrieving the glove wasnt bad, but the pivots need some major work. they used to be SO GOOD and now he's just BLAH - part of me wonders if he was getting tired, but thats no excuse.

moving stand - again with the stick. terry raised it up to stop him since he didnt respect him and the time after that he did a PERFECT moving stand. i heavily rewarded him for that!!!!!!

directed jumping - wasnt bad! i was leaning over him for the first 2 looks, and it almost sent him over the jump - but i straightened out and he went out and i turned him and his turns and sits were straight, tight and fast. NICE! did a few and then i sent him over the jumps and THAT was nice too - and when he came in front i backed up repeatedly to encourage him to come in close and tighter and rewarded him up and in my face.

didnt do articles - i ended up talking to terry and forgot. oops.

So -- wednesday!!

agility first with berlin.
first we reviewed what i missed last week when i gave my raw feeding lecture.
we did tire work - recalls through the tire (berlins like a bullet), sending through the tire, and this weekend i should work on slicing her through. worked on tunnel work - since berlin had experience with the tunnel (since one lives permanently in the backyard), we worked on sending and getting her attention immediately out of it to change direction.
worked on the go on cue.
worked on ladder work for hind end awareness.
and then we started weave entrances. i need to start doing this at home - ive been so busy with everything else, i havent worked them at all. will have to do some tomorrow.

open --
mostly a blur. cant remember. dumbbells and heeling :)

im really stressed over rah's fronts. i dont know what to do with them.

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manymuddypaws said...

I am totally envious of all the obedience you get to do...

:o) Keep up the good work!

I have no advice on fronts sorry! I am sure you've tried everything that I could think of!

(targeting, guides, spitting food...)