Sunday, July 12, 2009

dump it all here...

god, im so behind in all of this again!!!!

the UDC show thurs and fri - berlin was dumped thurs and ray hated her :) but she passed her YTT with flying colors - naz (it was great to see her again!) said she did perfect - didn't alert too early, lit up without any encouragement from me and settled down after. rah was entered in the ATT (even though he's already passed it) and he was ridiculous :) as soon as he was out there he was keyed in on the car, knew an agitator was going to come out - oscar was on the phone though, so rah just stood there staring... finally after a minute he came out and rah started barking immediately.

the second day, berlin did much better and was E rated and earned the first CC towards her UDC CH !!! (she needs three, as well as the TT's and working titles). lots more happened, but im too tired to recall it all ;)

yesterday i was simply too tired to make it up to the trial, so i went to my training centers ob match instead, and got three runs for the dogs. berlin we just worked on attitude, ring set ups, the first start of heeling, we did a SFE and a few recall games.

rah worked open - heeling wasnt bad (though judy wants to know why he can do such nice fig8's but cant control his butt all the other times...), DOR was nice except his front was a little crooked (Everything else was perfect!), ROF we did games and no full retrieve, same for ROH, broad jump he anticipated (OF COURSE).

later we did a utility match - signals he was anticipating like crazy, he heeled, did the stand, but as soon as i gave him the down, he immediately gives me a sit and then a come front... i dont know if its that i am reflecting when the judge gives me the signals somewhere in my body or if he's just so keyed (both very possible) but that needs to be proofed. articles - he couldnt find the first, but i did two more and he slowed down and worked the pile and found the right article. his biggest issue as with any class is going to be him slowing down and THINKING.

moving stand was pretty much perfect.
gloves - we did 1, but he's choosing which glove he wants and the minute i pivot he drops his head and picks a glove. he just happened to pick the one i was sending him to. on glove 3 he's already picking too... we need to work on pivots separate when he's so crazy, with no actual retrieve at the end. and him not dropping his head.

go outs - were lovely. i think he's using the guides as his mark instead of the stanchion, so in class this week we will have to explore that. but his go outs were perfect and his jumps were nice!!!!

didnt get to class on thursday because of the UDC show... agility on wed was good, his open class was crazy.

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