Thursday, July 23, 2009

god, ive been horrible with the posting lately!!!!!!!

the show went well over the weekend (ill update on that next, with videos!). i also had a private lesson on sunday with debbie (the agility intstructor).

last night we had agility first, then open.

started agility with working lateral outs and sequencing. berlin actually caught on quite well, but part of me thinks this is because we were sequencing to the tunnel and we all know she's a tunnel suck. but i have to remember that i need to intersect her path and push her to the jump. but she did well, and i didnt have to babysit the line or go up to the jumps. debbie says she will be like a bull in a china shop during agility - the dog who is so dainty and controlled in obedience is a MAD WOMAN in agility and jumping, pushing, biting all over. she's crazy.

we then worked teeter - added in some motion, clicked for adjusting their body over the pivot point. berlin was very cute and kept giving us 2o2o at the end but that wasnt the point, i verbally rewarded that though.

then we moved to training a 180, and did crosses with that too - berlin did well, and then added in contacts - it was very cute. in between working she ran over to the teeter and got on and stood there, waiting for her reward. debbie is right though, i need to maintain a better connection with her in between the jumps.

open - stays were fine. worked individual stuff, minimal heeling (im fine with that last night, i thought i would pass out). working his fronts with the ball like debbie told me (will be in another post), he's coming in much more focused but i still need to tweak it. did proofing games for the DOR when you drop them WHILE you are running backwards and my signals arent strong enough - he would only drop 50% of the time on a signal, but 100% stop on a dime with a verbal. maybe i should switch to a verbal in the ring?

can i also state that im in incredible turmoil right now - besides a rescue mal puppy that was offered to me (8 weeks), a friend of mine just offered me an awesome working bitch from her litter she just bred. OH MY GOD.

want. malinois.

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