Thursday, October 22, 2009

back to the NJ grind...

had an agility seminar this past weekend (jumping again) - did a lot of discrimination with the tunnel - sending them through, doing 1-3 jumps and then tunnel again to more jumps, back through tunnel. also did some sequences that had nasty turns, crosses and such. rah and berlin did really well - rah did bite me in the arm when he got so excited, and berlin broke skin on my hand. im very pleased with them. rah needs my "oh shit" arm for tight wraps - i can drive him with the offside arm to keep him close. berlins biggest thing is that i have to be in the right place ALL the time - the minute i have any indecision, im not sure where i need to be, etc - she stops. if im in the right place with her though, she's almost uncontrollable she's so fast and driven - debbie says work that dog and ONLY that dog. dont work her if she's not giving me 100%. for rah its a matter of being calm and collected.

agility class yesterday was working rear crosses, weaves, and tire work. berlin and i had a collision but it was my fault - she was fine after and did some really nice work and picked up on my cues for all the rear crosses just fine.

did the heeling class with rah, it was good. between feeling sick and having to leave because of lydia though we didnt do much in the open/utility class besides go outs.

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