Thursday, October 22, 2009

videos from nationals...

videos from nationals. Rah finished his RA and his CDX, won 5 of the 7 classes he was entered in, and placed third in a 6th. his last class was an NQ (see video below).

rah's CDX - i got a no front because i rocked and it was a gift on the high jump from this video because he did anticipate a little bit.

no videos from rah in advanced rally, but he finished his RA the day before so i bumped him up to advanced rally:

giving a crappy signal for the drop and rah blows through it (and blows a 197, EEK!)

rah winning open a at nationals proper - the last day of competition, our fronts are starting to break down here.

and not to be forgotten, berlin gets her protection on and passes her WAC (handled by lydia since this is where i got sick)

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