Sunday, November 29, 2009

no match this morning because i had a migraine from 3 am until about an hour or two ago. sucked a lot.

yesterday we matched at hk9 - rah had 2 utility entries, 1 open and berlin had 2 novice.

open was interesting - he barely got warmed up and he was flying high as a kite. heeling was very pushy and all over, which followed over to utility. did a B order with ROF first - worked fronts. DOR he was crazy and decided to start anticipating the call to front when i took a breath. a BREATH. dear rah: please note i give you actual verbal commands for that front. not hidden psychic signals hidden in the manner in which i breathe in and out.

bj (reach out and touch someone) was ok - he slipped but still hit a front.

utility - signals broke down majorly because he walked every stand. we backtied him to terry and he got corrected for it which helped, but i worked a lot last night and this morning on clarifying that we need no feet moving, period. the actual signal parts were ok, heeling was too pushy and terry said we need to fix it.

articles - crazy. first one he picked up the wrong article when he felt pressure, second he did a straight retrieve. third try he went out and found the right article, and fourth was fine.

gloves - on the pivot, he dropped his head and marked his glove before i indicated, so i caught him and we went back and repivoted and he kept his eyes on me until i dropped my arm and sent him, it was nice.

moving stand, same issues as signals. worked on it.

our CROWNING GLORY - beautiful lovely amazing go outs. i had put the toy out on the stanchion before i even brought him out of the crate, so he never saw it. and i gave him his look command, he dropped and focused BEAUTIFULLY, intent on his stanchion. i sent him and he FLEW out straight as an arrow to where he needed to be and turned and sat immediately when i called him. thinking it was a fluke, i rewarded that heavily and brought him back, did it again. this time smartass flew out but stopped himself about 6-7 feet from the gate. ill let it slide in a point show (would cover it up, actually), but in the match i grabbed him and made him do the full length go out. third one he thought about slowing up but he kept going so i turned him, sat him, and gave him a jump. fourth one i rewarded heavily out there because it was awesome, fifth straight and fast and i gave him the other jump... and we were awesome!!!! we played and played and played!!!!

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Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

sounds like he did great, especially on the go outs! I really wish there were more matches around here, I think there's only 2 a year that I know of...