Monday, November 23, 2009

some training updates have been on facebook, but that doesnt count, right?

thursday class went well - heeling was pretty good, played some games, worked some fronts and finishes. she had good attitude throughout.

did agility yesterday - im having contact woes that really need to work through - after discussing it with debbie, we're eliminating berlins nose touch from her contact criterion because its overshadowing her feet. weaves were awesome for both dogs.

i have two matches this weekend - goals:

berlin - SFE, stays!!!!!, and transitions between exercises. i might do an entire entry of just pet dog with me while we have a bunch of strangers in the ring playing with toys, etc.

rah open - fixing his broad jump!!!! in his reach out and touch someone method.

rah utility - signals - proofing the wait.
go outs - marking the stanchion with ears!
articles - with someone near his pile.

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