Saturday, December 4, 2010

had a good training session thursday - did a lot of bridget carlsen work and got multiple 30-40 step parts of heeling with no food on my body and good attitude from berlin!

today we showed in agility.

JWW was first - rear cross from 10-11 i pushed too hard and we got caught up. so she shot over 11 to 16... called her back and at 14 i wasn't turned enough and my shoulders send her to the weaves - called her back and we finished up. MOMS FAULT. should have hung back further on the RC and let her get out ahead of me.

STD - berlin took the wrong end of the tunnel each time. im not sure if she was patterning (since thats the end she took in FAST?) or if i pushed too hard and didnt wait long enough on each rear cross and she was pressured to the other end. would have been fine except i rushed her weaves EACH TIME since i managed to fix our wrong end of the tunnels. BAD MOM. we had three shots. i didnt fix myself either time. BAD BAD MOM.

our FAST plan -
after the chute she actually i think took the 3rd jump in my lead out but whatev!! she was so cute and it timed to exactly 32 seconds! good job lydia :)which is our first NF leg -- and we took second place to amy and the ever-adorable layla, the worlds best malamute!!!!!!

tomorrow is another day. berlin was AWESOME at the trial - i was skeptical at the location, but she was mooching off people, hanging out, ASKED to be pet, and didnt make a single peep or react at anyone. VERY NICE. im so proud of her behavior more than anything!!! !


Amy / Layla the Malamute said...

Berlin was awesome!! Congratulations on your Q's - We're still at 0 for JWW, so super congrats on that one.

She's so cute - it's funny because every time I see you holding her in your arms, she's the sweetest dog in the world, and I flash back to the Schutzhund pictures on your Facebook and I'm so entertained by the contrast.

I hope we're at the same trials again next year! Maybe we'll have the time to talk a little more lol

Amy / Layla the Malamute said...

Layla wasn't bothered by the site either - kind of makes you wonder what kind of places WOULD bother them!

I didn't want to bother Lydia, especially since you were immediately after us a few of the times. It's no big deal - I just wish I remembered wtf happened lol.

I want to do some USDAA next year, now that I know Layla's fine with jumping 26", but I'm not sure if I'll do the very first trial (1/8 and 1/9) or the next one after that. If I end up not doing USDAA at all, I'm going to try getting in to the first AKC one in Dream Park on 2/5 and 2/6. I can't believe the trials are almost open already!