Monday, December 27, 2010

last week, and the goals - looking backward and forward

there isn't any class this week because of the inbtw holiday-ness. class last week was not so memorable. berlin was maintaining position but head position was totally off. she was very into multi-tasking, and i certainly didnt have her undivided attention. rah was better but had his issues too - we mainly worked go outs and signals (surprised?). wed night i was the only person in utility because everyone else was sick so i did a straight run through of a B class and we saw exactly where rah loses it - because he gets soooooo hyped up that he isn't able to focus. and we noticed the whole mouth thing again (i think i posted about that before - he cant think with his mouth open!)...

so before we get into the goals for 2011, lets look at what happened with 2010 goals...

we have one leg! and wow, is utility heartbreaking

- we have one leg!
- UKC CD and CDX
- we haven't shown in UKC at all this year

we haven't shown in CDSP since we finished our CDX-H - in part due to time, and in part due to finances



2 legs towards this, but we haven't shown in APDT in over half a year...

- start preparing for UDX legs at matches
i have to work on this more - doing utility first seems to blow rah's mind for open...

- continue working fronts for fluency

always a work in progress

- work on calm and control in the ring

getting better, he's learning to think!

- retrain heel position?
good luck. ha.

- finish an agility title (any agility title!)

since our diagnosis of cardio in february, rah hasn't shown in any agility. im still debating on if i will ever let him...

- decrease the amount of vortex behaviors we experience when we get stuck in behavior loops
yes, this has been decreased a bit - through calm control, some key corrections, and more clarity as to what his job is.

- work on the moving feet on signals, moving stand, and all behaviors that involve a wait
its getting there. this has been the most frustrating thing, as this alone has kept me from getting multiple UD legs...

- earn 1 score above 195 from a B class
sadly, no - rah wasn't shown much in open B this year.

compete at AllStars in August - finish in the top 10
rah did compete in TWO venues - and placed 15th in one, 7th in the other! he was placing in open as well until the last round, with the fateful high jump crash... no need to relive.

- win the db relay!!!
well, i won it - with THE OTHER DOG berlin was on the winning team

- continue working on obedience outside - attention and repetition
i think im giving up on him here

- continue working on male judge issues
he successfully has shown to a few men this year, and i will continue to show him and as he understands his job and focus is there, he seems to be less concerned except when scary things like ring gates fall!

- to not feed into his franticness when he's soaring higher and higher - remain calm and collected myself and be a rock to his wild ship in the sea
this will always be my bugaboo - not matching his frantic hectic behavior with my own.

- work on the glove shaking
heaven help us...


berlin hasn't shown in asca since early this year, where stays kept us from earning our first leg. i have started to completely retrain her obedience as i was not happy with her attitude...

see above - she did get two BN legs but i never entered her in akc novice.


no UKC shows this year

not yet - i held her back to show her in all star in novice

2 legs! again held her from finishing for all star

- nope

nope! no apdt in a looong time

- continue training for open and perfect that
she's working open and working nicely - but took a step back (as i said above) to retrain some basics and motivation/drive stuff.

- start training for utility further
yes, she's getting there! cute go outs, pivots are nice, the glove will also be an issue for her.

- complete health testing
done! but...

- UDC Breed Survey if she's able to?
i ended up spaying her before she could do this!

- NADAC Jumpers and Tunnelers titles
no NADAC shows this year- HOWEVER we have shown in AKC in the past month and have 1 NAJ, 2 NA and 1 NF legs!

- work on attention at start lines - both getting solid stays and attention nonstop on me while rah is barking in the crate
this has been a work in progress but things have been looking wonderful!

- work on pet dog behaviors including never leaving your mother, even if you see your best friend in the world nearby
this is getting much much better.

- compete in AllStars in Aug - finish in the top 10
yes, she did! however, a stupid mistake on MY part knocked her out of top 10

- scent articles!
yes, we're starting and she's oh so cute!

- work on appropriate times to protect the mom v. inappropriate

- to not let her push my buttons - the world does not have room for our bitch-fights.
i truly truly think this has been our biggest change...

- increase fluency for fronts
working that as we speak...

so next, our goals for 2011....


Sam said...

I love reading your goals and I appreciate how honest you are with what you have and haven't accomplished. That's my biggest problem - I'll either set my goals too low (like get 1 leg to finish either OA or OAJ) or too high (pick up 10 MACH QQ's by the end of the year). Hah.

Amy / Layla the Malamute said...

I'm dreading looking at what my 2010 goals were. I almost want to just not look at them, but that defeats the purpose. Ugh.

You guys accomplished a LOT this year! I'm really impressed.

It's funny that you talked about bitch fights; we were talking about that in agility last week.

Can't wait to read your 2011 goals!

Also, did you notice whether or not the Skyline Q's were on AKC's website yet? They're not on my account, but it says "Events Processed through 12/8/2010"; I don't know how long after the trial it takes for them to be "processed".

doberkim said...

thanks guys!!!! for me, while i do get pretty hard on myself and constantly try to compare myself to others (though i push hard to stop this, its my own personal flaw) but it also in a way helps me plan how to get there, and where to keep aspiring to.

and my trainers are a key part in this too, constantly giving me things to work through and for, pushing me to be the best we can be. i trust them 100%... i want to set big and small goals, and goals that are based on steps/relationships as well as title and success that is recognized by others. heck, i still want a top 20 ranking for dobes in obedience, and an OTCH!

and amy, yes, that's why we call berlin the little bitch. she's actually the mirror image of me - she's TOO MUCH like me, to the point that we just freak out at each other!