Saturday, April 16, 2011

ahhh... shows coming up and on wednesday both boys couldnt remember how to do everything. mercury broke broad jump (wait, we've never finished after the jump), rah broke articles (i dont know what you want me to do and i know there's 40 articles out there i will bring you back all leather la la la la la la la la NO none have your scent what are you talking about here's another leather!) both were just dumb. nothing like seeing in front of your eyes 300 dollars of entries being flushed...

thursday was better, both boys did their jobs and it was significantly improved. berlin was steady and good both days.

my trainers have said there is nothing else to do for rah :) im not sure that makes me happy or sad, ha! they said they have proofed this dog past the proofing of any other dog, he's proofed as far as any OTCH dog. the problem is me, and him. he doesn't think in the ring - the ring simply isn't hard enough, so he's not paying atention- he can let his mind wander because no one challenges him - he gets into the thought of "oh isn't this easy" and he stops thinking. and then i get frantic and make it worse.

think i can ask the judge to walk in his path for go outs, or touch him on signals? maybe push him on moving stand or talk to him on articles?

im leaving the baby home (aka, rah's minime) and just taking the big dobes - rah needs all his faculties with him and its hard enough having mercury, one dog he hates, there. but cherrybomb is really so much like rah its almost eerie sometime. she is picking up his mannerisms and she's sooooo much like him its adorable. i love her and i hope she turns out to be the dog i want her to be.


Amy / Layla the Malamute said...

Good luck at the trials!

Does Mercury live with you too? I only saw one picture of him on your FB I think and he's gorgeous too, in a creepy sort of way.

At least Rah can handle Otch proofing :)

doberkim said...

thanks - i will definitely try to keep everyone up to date. ill be down there alone with all the dogs, and from what i recall the hotel has wireless so hopefully ill be on the internets :)

lydia is my best friend and she lives with me -s he rents a room, so yes mercury lives with me :) so besides my three, her dobe and her aussie live here too! all but one of the cats are hers too - frankie is the only cat i claim as mine. bh used to be mine but he hates me and loves her, so hes hers now!

mercury is very unique looking - meeting him in person he's less creepy, his eyes are actually quite beautiful, but its odd - and i have to talk to everyone that meets him about what he is!

its almost frustrating that rah can handle that level of proofing in training but may still not qualify in the ring - he's an awesome dog, but he literally just doesn't pay attention in the ring. he can multitask with the best of them, but he's thinking about so many other things (someone else is retrieving! someone else has gloves out!) and he never ever EVER believes that the exercise is going to be done the same way every time. some dogs you do it the same way 10 times and they are like, ok we do it this way forever and ever. rah says we do it this way 4 times, you MUST want the 5th way done differently. he thinks its his job to be as creative as possible and make things up. which is fun but frustrating - he actually does it on purpose :) you cannot predict what he will do. which is how he gets all his nicknames - these are things judges call him in the ring :)