Thursday, April 21, 2011

all my bags are packed

(well actually they arent)

leaving tonight or sometime for the timonium MD cherry blossum cluster with the big dobes today. im terribly sick - started monday night. huge head cold, neck hurts, draining my brains from my nose, coughing, sore throat, you name it. taking drugs galore.

didnt even train the dogs this week so far - will be interesting. but im confident in the dogs that we can do this. WE CAN.
i dont know what im thinking showing three dogs in three classes (FIVE on friday!) ... eek.

three varikennels
(2 500s, 1 400)
4 soft crates
ring gates/stanchions
full set of jumps for utility
four sets of articles
full training bag with 3 dbs
chuckit with spare tennis balls
four flexis

and now i just have to pack myself up. but first another nap, since i feel like crapola.


Sam said...

Maybe we will see you there! We are just entered Saturday and Sunday (can't miss school :p). I hope you feel better, I think I feel something coming on too but already started taking the airborne. Maybe it will go away.

P.S. - Your new puppy is ADORABLE! :-)

Urban canines said...

Good luck this weekend and hope you feel better soon!!!!!!!