Thursday, May 5, 2011

rahs one year post-stem cell check was today and all is awesome-sauce. so that is good news. he's currently holtered so we wil have those results soon.

all i want for his 6 year bday next month and my 31st is a UD :)

berlin is resting and today i have a consult with a vet friend of mine who is an acupuncturist/physical rehab person who will look at her and mercury and try to discern the source of their random pains.

hopefully for berlin shes just sore. this past weekend she took a slip on the turf at hatfield and landed pretty much on her shoulder while running. i can see how she's sore - combine that with the balls to the wall approach my entire house has towards playing with each other and i can see that lending itself towards being ouchy.

rah is entered in a show next weekend, and im entering him outside at the end of the month (WHAT??). im pulling berlin from all her trials this month.

some thoughts coming as to showing these beasts coming... lots of stuff formulating in my head. the puppy is good but crazy. and updates once i know what carrie says about whitey and blacky.

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Amy / Layla the Malamute said...

Good luck!!

I only did obedience at Hatfield but I've heard from several people (and can see it myseolf) how it can be slippery for fast dogs.

Btw, is Mercury your dog too? He looks awesome and I know he's in your pics but I don't know if he's yours or not.

Looking forward to reading your thoughts on showing, and I hope you get your birthday wish!