Friday, August 3, 2012


i know it sounds silly in some ways, but on most days its really hard for me to find the motivation to train any of the dogs. for so many reasons - they aren't rah, rah's not here, rah was different/easier/more fun, rinse lather and repeat.

i know what i should be doing, but honestly most days i have the best intentions but i am not.

i need to start. but its so hard.

(even worse that this weekend, rah and i should have been at the all star tournament. and we're not).


Yaroslavna said...

Do it for Rah, do training in his memory. You have young, talented dogs who are learning every day either you training them or not...Do it for Rah..
Natasha Lava

Kennedy said...

I can only imagine that feeling. I am sure it will pass..give yourself some time to absorb it all, continue to grieve, and you will find the desire to train the others. They will inspire you to do so, when you are ready.