Thursday, March 13, 2008

last class of the session last night, we're off for 2 weeks and then we start back up in april - off because the wed and thursday night classes are off schedule with each other and thursday night is 2 weeks behind wed nights.

first, i wore different sneakers, much better :) started with heeling again, and rah was much better - he gets alittle crazy with 10-15 dogs on the floor and thats when the bumping gets a little out of hand. we then did off leash, and rah only had his double leash on him - not bad, but i forgot to cue him as much as he needed so we missed the first sit completely (so i know that was a ME issue and not a him).

what was actually pretty nice was his sits were much closer to me and for the most part, MUCH straighter than they have been - hes also been setting up much straighter than he has been, which is VERY nice!! articles has helped that - setting up 10 times a night before he gets to retrieve the right scent article is nice!

then we did transitions - fig 8 to SFE to off lead heeling. rahs fig 8 wasnt half bed - bumped a few times and his last halt was crooked sit, but lydia was throwing the db during it (THANKS LYDIA ) and he still gve me about 98% attention, he dropped his head once when lydia tossed it and came right back up to me without any prompting from me, which was good! not even enough time for me to say anything or get a correction in. im not sure im ever going to get rid of his bumping, but he was OUT OF MY WAY and i could do a reasonable path, so we're making progress.

fig 8 was good, and we did nice transitions, all in all i was happy.

then we did some retrieves and rah of course was insanely happy - worked on bringing the dog back snappy and heads up by luring with a cookie. benefits of having the worlds largest dog is that the heads already up so we just played until rah was frothing at the mouth (no i do not know why my dog foams at the mouth, and yes i know its gross, but he does it when hes excited and gets all worked up - db, the get it game do it to him the most).

then we did stays and he didnt break, which was nice - still working tension at 6 feet, but he hasnt broken in a month, yes good boy RAH!!!

no articles last night, i was tired.

berlin should have competition puppy tonight, but i need to run errands to be honest, the drive is killing me so she may not go tonight. shes doing very well working at home, so i may just skip tonight again to get the errands i need done.

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