Saturday, March 22, 2008

week two...

started week two of ATC two nights ago, which starts scenting leather articles.

I knew Rah wouldn't have a problem with leather, since he loves leather articles, much more than he could even begin to comprehend - leather is his friend :) However, he was a tad confused. While he was more than happy to retrieve them for me, without me scenting them, he was happy to tug them, he was BEYOND thrilled when the cheese and scent went on the leather article, a few times he just had to make himself wrong by checking out a metal article after he had already indicated (the correct) leather article.

I am chalking this up to I just spent two entire weeks on week one of A.T.C., just because I was worried he would have issues with metal. I don't think he didn't know which was the scented article - he clearly indicated the scented article first, and had already licked it (though never picked up -he had never picked up the article and then dropped it to go check out another article, he's never been THAT wrong) - he just licks and indicates, then gives a quick look at a metal article. He's so quick that I almost don't have time to give the correction that Janice tells us to give.

I do want to get the correction in - not because I enjoy correcting, but I want him to understand that once he has indicated his correct article and I have TOLD him that he has found the right one (which I do the minute he indicates the correct article), it's wrong to LEAVE that article for anything else.

We also worked on go-outs, which Rah is starting to enjoy. However, I'm going to have to move go-outs to another room, because I've maxed out how far I can do them in the room I have the ring gates set up in! My jumps came as well, so I will have to start working directed jumping at home as well.

Didn't get to class this week - ended up running late at the show in Edison, where Rah went as moral support for Mercury who put in a happily inaccurate but still qualifying performance. Good enough for a green ribbon and ironically third place - which is mind boggling since Rah can pull in the 90's and still not place ... ah the difference between the A and B classes :) Also the difference between showing in classes with 4-6 dogs and 14-20 dogs. I do so love small classes...
Wednesday classes do not resume until April, so I have next week off as well. Hope to get some outdoor training in tomorrow, when I debate about whether or not I want to see my family for Easter. I don't know... do I feel a cold coming on?

Went to the Edison show again today where my dogs got stunning Hogan collars and both dogs were well- behaved for their respective age groups and training levels - Berlin jumped up on people and tried to steal toys and cookies, but it was better than her being fearful and reactive, YAY! Rah was sweet and shmoozy and his Rah-self and was loved on by all, Berlin was a tease and went up to many, kissed a few, and tried to entice some dogs to play but none were interested. Missed pretty much all of obedience, but once again am filled with jealousy at my dobe friends who are already showing their dogs and qualifying and doing well and somehow feel like I am missing out and somehow need to be out there doing it all now, or that I should be doing better, faster, more.

Plan for tonight:
more "findits" with Rah, more attention with Berlin. Figure out what classes the dogs will be in next session.

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