Tuesday, August 12, 2008


rah had the CDSP trial on sunday... two legs of his CD-H down!
first trial was good. i lost his attention going into the ring because the honor dog was milling about and rah turned to look at him, i got him back, but once we started the heeling pattern he was slow to sit for the first sit and he sat crooked. rest was ok. fig 8 was fine, a little pushy but not bad, moving stand perfect, and he did the recall over the jump perfect. honor down was fine! the judge was nice but really slow in taking my leash once we started off leash, so that flustered me a bit.

the second trial i did a game into the ring and had AWESOME attention setting up, it was great - ill have to remember that one. heeling was ok, but he was REALLY forgey on the slow and i didnt reign him back in. I lost first place for him in the second trial by being in the utility mindset and once I stood my dog, I just kept moving and didn't wait for the judge to tell me to leave him (it's a moving stand, not a normal SFE) - but I caught myself - but was already flustered! Then there were other distractions, Rah took his eyes off me, and moved his front feet when the judge came to touch him :) Silly boy! slightly crooked for the front after the recall, perfect for the honor. oh, and for the fig 8, once i took off my leash, i just held my arm out without looking at anyone, and one of the posts (linda sperco THANK YOU I LOVE YOU) took my leash from me - linda brennan is right - hold your arm out and SOMEONE will take the leash :)

Our scores were nice - 196.5 in the first trial (first place) , and second trial was 192.5 (second place)

i have to look and see if i blogged his private from saturday...

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