Sunday, August 3, 2008

I didn't fall off the earth

I'm still here - I didn't fall off the face of the earth

Rah's classes have been out of session for two weeks and start back up next Thursday :) He's been insane and this past week I put him in an advanced beginners class just to work some energy off!

With so many things going on I haven't been training at home as much as I should, which is my own fault. I don't train at home as much as I should, period. Between life, losing Tyler and Watson this month, and so many other things, I just have been mopey and blah.

Classes start back up - Berlin on Wednesday in Attention 3/Novice (Kathy AND Terry are teaching this - it's my first real class with Kathy), Rah on Thursday in I don't know what yet - I want to get him back into Novice, but I don't know if I will do it yet? or just keep him in OPen and Utility at this point and then next session do Novice/Utility.

Rah has a private with Terry scheduled for next Saturday and a CDSP trial on Sunday, where we could potentially earn 2 CDH legs.

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