Saturday, August 16, 2008

a weekly (late) update

class wednesday with beroo -
berlin says she doesn't want to train in panties. its very hard to do :) we did some heeling with heads up, worked on adding in halts. she wasn't half bad, but the rests in between are hard, and the rutebega says she cannot do any resting in a down position in between while wearing panties - she MUST ROLL ON HER BACK.

heeled rah for the heeling in between open/utility with kathy - kathy says im letting him bully me and i need to not let him do it, especially on the slows.

i forgot most of the rest. getting old, ya know.

thursday night - good stays, very good yay rah. did heeling and rah actually did some nice halts, woohoo! terry says we're actually coming together well, go figger! I do have to remember to stand up straight, control the situation, and not let him push me so much - set the pace we heel at, not let him set it. And not accept when he drops his head

Worked some recalls and he was nice and fast and ignored all distraction, yay rah.

Did a few nice ROF, but need to work on fronts - later on I put out the go out guides and used them to get straight fronts and he was amazing! ROH was perfect, he did them - two VERY hard retrieves, and i ended on that. broad was fine, nothing spectacular but i only did a few. we also worked figure 8 and i still need to remember again to stand up straight and NOT LET HIM PUSH ME.

moved to utility - and rah was a super star.

did articles first - i did two retrieves of the old scent articles and he did fine, and then i scented two new ones and he found them both as well - WOOHOO YAY RAH.

then we moved to gloves and terry let him finally do a fairly full directed retrieve, minus pivots - and he did fairly well! he didnt even shake the gloves THAT MUCH.

go outs and directed jumping were AMAZING - i was stunned. go outs were fast, straight. and then i sent him over jumps WHILE ANNE HEELED DUNE THROUGH THE RING and rah just did it and came to front. i ended on that because it was amazing. woohoo rah.

signals and moving stand weren't bad - his signals were quite good my handsome boy - moving stand would be better if his mom would learn how to communicate with him better.

im going ot enter him in another CDSP trial and i think ill also enter him in open for the second trial so i can move him up if he qualifies in the first one.

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