Sunday, December 6, 2009

agility for roo

so the private lesson with roo - i keep meaning to bring the camera to videotape what we've been doing and monitor progress. but i forget. and i want a new camera.

just worked roo because rah is still definitely sore in a hind leg. and we started with the dw - she hasn't even done most contact equipment since we dont have any, but now we have our dogwalk - she didn't even care! she went over fine with me leading her 1-2 times, and after that she was powering over no problem and debbie said i can already start naming it since she's doing it without coaxing. and the first thing berlin did when we got near it was get into 2o/2o at the base, and her first time walking through she stopped perfectly. debbie said normally she doesn't ask the dogs for contacts their first time running the wood, but because berlin is so literal and already clearly understands the concept, we will reward it - if she wasn't offering them we wouldn't ask. twice she missed it - once when she stopped with only one front foot off, and once when she got to the bottom one back foot fell off.

since we did so much weave work on friday we just started with some courses and some nasty wraps, crosses and serpentines. we did some one jump work on jumping to side when im indicating a lead out pivot because she blew past it the first time - she's better to the left than the right, and we'll work on that at home - but she got it by the end. serpentines, she didn't miss a single one of them and we did 3 or 4 different ones. in fact for the last sequence in which we were both missing the rear cross because it was REALLY tight, instead of crossing her i was able to serpentine it kinda and pull her in - handling it from the other side pushed her too far into the tunnel.

she did really well over the course of the lesson, she did get tired but she handled herself well. my little agility star. need to go look at USDAA and NADAC trials...


doberkim said...

oh, we worked on SLS's a lot with rah going crazy and screaming, so high distraction. went very well.

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

sounds like things are going great! This weekend Lance had his 2nd agility trial and for a second I could have sworn I saw you and Rah! I of course came to my senses and knew you were no where near MN, but there was a nice dobie there who I thought the owner called "rah!"