Tuesday, December 29, 2009

a revisit of the 2009 goals.. .

Goals for Rah -
-attain an AKC CDX - DONE
-attain an ASCA CDX - Done!
-attain a UKC CD and CDX - didn't trial at all in UKC this year, unfortunately...
-attain a CDSP CDX-H - still has one leg, but trialing this weekend for our next attempt!
-attain his APDT ARCHX - done!
-attain his RL1X - done!
-attain his RL2X - done!
-get better go-outs! -still clearly a work in progress!!!! but definitely getting there.
-learn to work better outside and get somewhere near the sort of attention i have when we work indoorshmmmmmm
-work on his issue with the SFE and not moving to the judge! ha ha just brought this back up last week and worked on it a few times since then - it's kicking my butt in utility too! still a WIP
-work on his issue with men in the ring and get him comfortable with a male judgethought we had made progress up in NY, but his last show in PA he was still stressed. However, he was able to work through it - our worst score yet, high 180s, but he didn't shut down - just obviously very stressed.
-work on his fronts - teach him to adjust to find perfect front, and then translate that to with the db in his mouth. some progress, some set backs -this will be something we work on for the rest of his career. he was better, but he has a world to go understanding that he needs to have less fun and focus more on a JOB
-be matching in utility at least once a month or every other month depending on show schedulesdone!
and the very lofty one - be ready for utility by the end of the year! and we did it - we have a UTILITY LEG!!!!
- work on his food stealing and counter surfingfull of fail.

Goals for Berlin -
- earn her CDSP CD-H - done
- earn her APDT RL1 done
- maybe earn her RL2? purposefully held her back because of allstars, so didn't even try
- lofty goal, but maybe have her ready for Rally Advanced?? again - she is ready, but i purposefully havent shown her beyond novice to keep her in allstar novice division
-start tracking and maybe back into schutzhund i hate tracking. she did some work and i am looking into other venues but time is still an issue. she says she wants to bite things
-keep her interested in her work were still a work in progress. she has great drive. she wants a better handler. if there's a problem, she says its ALLL me and doesn't want to be seen with me
- match her at least once a month or every other month in novicedone!
- get her to do a full db retrieve by the end of the year, happilydone!
-work on her barking in the house ]ha ha ha ha ha
-work on her barking while she is in the crate while we show rah.definitely a little better. a little.

so that's where we are... now to think of 2010 goals!


Katrin said...

WOW! I think this is my 1st time commenting on your blog, but I just want to say congrats on all of your 2009 accomplishments! Good luck in 2010!

Samantha said...

Thats quite a list! Congrats on all that you have accomplished this year!

manymuddypaws said...

congrats on all the stuff you accomplished in 09! i didn't even look at my last years list when I wrote my post about goals etc. for 2010....

you guys rock! I am sure you will continue to rock in 2010!

Dawn said...

Awesome job this year. I am horribly jealous of all you have accomplished.

Training my Mammoth said...

Wow, congratulations! You've accomplished so much this year.

Yaroslavna said...

Wow! What a list! Congratulations and good luck in 2010!
Happy New Year!