Sunday, January 3, 2010

i had an older post but fell asleep last night and lost it, ugh. no obedience this week but we did have agility - front crosses were full of fail.

had a ring rental on thursday with karin - took me 50 minutes of straight retrieving for rah to settle in and use his brain. go outs were nice. worked berlin a bit.
friday (new years morning) we were matching at pams place - 2 utility, 2 open, and 2 novice for roo. did one whole entry of just go outs for rah, and really worked retrieves and broad jump as well.articles weren't bad but if he's wearing a pull tab he WILL take the one that the tab lands on...

saturday we matched (and i judged and worked) the match at hk9 all day. really worked on remaining in control of rah's heeling, since he's SO controlled for the fig8 but it is simply not translating to heeling on the flat. also need to change my wait signal for the broad at least because he's getting it confused with his stand signal... lots and lots and lots of lefts for the heeling. lots.

for go outs now im not turning after he jumps - im staying straight and making HIm work the front and it's not bad!

today we showed...

first trial -
rah kicked ass. Novice C, 197.5 - would have been HIGHEr but the judge is a flake and she took off a point in the fig 8 for forging when SHE called a crappy pattern and called the halt on the outer TURN and rah was already pushing because we were turning!!! but he worked SO HARD to fix it!!!!! what a good boy.
Berlin pulled a 191 in novice C too - her fig 8 was where we lost most points, i double commanded her twice (would have had a 197!) because i had no confidence in her there.

open - disaster. on the running broad jump i hit the broad jump myself, twisted my ankle, sent rah FLYING, and he flipped out, thought the judge did it, and ran all over, left the ring, came back in, wouldn't go near the ring. we finished the rest but he was freaked beyond belief and played the "stare at the judge because she's coming to KEEEEELLLLLL ME!" game. but he did a go out :)

lydia (and mercury) and molly (and mashi) both got their first legs towards their CD in the NOv B class.

second trial - i pulled rah from novice B because it was the judge from the first trial (in open) - and he wouldnt do a SFe for her, i was sure, didn't want to ruin it for him. shame, because she LOVED rah's heeling and she was a SWEET scorer (she hadn't taken a single point off his heeling in open!)...
berlin NQ'd. she did the SFE odd and went behind the dog afterwards and berlin was like... uh... no and walked in to me then SHE trotted outside the ring? but came right back. odd odd odd. we finished up - fig 8 also bad. but she gave me the BEST finish OF HER LIFE. it was perfect!!!!!!!
rah however, DID take first in open in the second trial and managed to put it all together - the damned running broad jump took TWO double commands but we did it...

so the tally for the day:
rah was high scoring rescue, second in Nov C, first in Open A.

i have some videos, ill post later. berlin did a cute heeling job and im pretty pleased with her - however, based on her behavior these past few days i think she's coming into heat a little early (she's not due for 3 more weeks)...


Training my Mammoth said...

Congratulations on those scores and placements!

You did the right thing pulling Rah - I would have too. It would have made it so much worse to force him through another session with that judge.

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

sounds like a great weekend! sorry about the running broad jump incident! I can just imagine something like that happening to me!

Samantha said...

Congrats! That is awesome!!

What is the running broad jump? and novice C?