Thursday, January 21, 2010

clearly this updating from the phone thing isn't working quite yet. even though it should.

i will update from last week at some point, if i remember last week at all. the long and short was agility was pretty good, if not hilarious and my dogs did some nice work, we need to revisit sticking the table when we move fast. started refining some things in open like rah not moving his little feeties when i throw the db even in his excitement. and rah was superstar in utility. supaaaa. open on thursday wasn't bad at all, but neither dog wanted to work stands after.

last night we worked gamblers in agility in prep for the USDAA trial this weekend. and rah is a gamblers fool and that will be his game if he gets (ok, i get) my schtuff together ever because hello, no real off course and points if you do go off course as long as its clean? and you can obstacle suck all you want and vortex is ok? yeah, WERE THERE!


rah made the bites.
on my arm.


Sam said...

Yeah, we have table sticky issues, too. I feel like I have so much to work on and so little time.

Good luck at the trial!

doberkim said...

my dogs will stay on it if they can - but they run up to it so fast, that they just fly off the other end. they cant put the brakes on.