Tuesday, January 19, 2010

i will be trying to update the blog today from work on my iphone (cause thats how i roll). i havent done any updating about last weeks training. you will be able to tell because it iwill have appropriate grammar and capitalization since the iphone does it automatically :)

have been working tiny flash sessions at home, working difficult fronts for both dogs to really really firm up what front means and make them WORK to get there - rah's kicking butt and taking names and in the past two days berlin has shown she really really gets it. also working on the metal scent article for her, she's retrieving it reliably now so we can start scenting soon. for rah yesterday i worked on his around finish and fiddled with adding in a cute pop. worked his moving stand a bit. need to work on his dreaded moving feet for all his waits.

time to go to work. need to think about how im going to get my dogs to do better SFE's and watch ME and not stranger dangers. such mommy-itis.

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Sam said...


It was at Petminders, Mary Lou Hanlon's place, about 30 min over the Outerbridge. AWESOME AWESOME facility. We were obviously inside, but in the warm weather they apparently use their property outdoors as well to set up a course as well.. for my admittedly fearful and anxious dog to be 100% perfect while there, that definitely says something about the comfort it provided. They're adding another bunch of run throughs for February, hopefully, they should post them on the NJ Agility List.

I'm a member of the SICDTC, and our last Rally trial was an astounding success - run so smoothly, I can attest to that because I was there volunteering - so they're looking to put on a couple more in April and August. Don't think the dates are confirmed yet though, it's just the gossip I hear being a member :)

BTW, I vaguely remember seeing a blue Doberman at that NADAC trial - Dobes are on my list of potential dogs to own in the future so I can pick 'em out anymore -maybe it was your Rah?

Awesome blog - I admire obedience work so much, and even though I don't think Marge is the right dog for it, hop to get into it eventually!