Sunday, December 27, 2009

it's been awhile since updates again - we have a bit of a break in training because of the holidays so ive been doing most stuff on my own. last wednesday we had some ring time alone and i worked on weaves (i will post those videos) with the dogs, and did random things. rah did pretty good weaves and terrible go outs! worked a lot of fronts with rah, need to do some stuff with berlin too. i have janice demello's cruise control heeling video, i think ill watch it and try to see if i can implement some stuff.

have a lot of matches coming up in the next week or so, and a CDSP trial on january 3rd where rah will once again attempt to finish up his CDX there. its funny that we havent shown in UKC, and i need to start him in novice there! berlin is also showing there, as a marker as to when she may make her AKC debut.

im debating about whether or not ill keep rah in open or try for utility for all stars - the question will be what sorta scores is he capable of - will talk it over with terry and kathy.

speaking of, both of my trainers came home yesterday with BC rescues - one from glenhighland farms, and another from a BC rescue in VA!

and trained dogs are for the win - rah just found a sock and i asked him to bring it to me and he did. GOOD DOG.

the weaving:


Yaroslavna said...

What method did you use to train weaves? Did Rah follow your hand?
I'll be starting the weaves with Lava as soon as she recovers after her spay.

Samantha said...
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Samantha said...

Nice to meet you Rah! Good job on your weaving!

-- apparently can't spell :p --

Training my Mammoth said...

Love the videos! My instructor got a Glen Highland Farm BC a few weeks ago, too.

doberkim said...

natasha -
rah and berlin were both essentially shaped - ill make a more detailed post about it later (remind me). channels and guides and WAMs didnt work for us.

samantha, nice to meet you too! how do you know sanity/margot? didn't get to read your journal much, but saw the dobe... do you train with them?

and yes, i know anne got a dog from them - both my trainers had been talking to her! i cant wait to meet everyone in the next week!

Yaroslavna said...

What is WHAMS?
I would like to hear your story about shaping. I trained my 1st agility dog using pneumatics( the polls bend at the base, forming V)
I'm planning on doing 2 by 2method with Lava but a bit nervous since she would be my"Guinea pig"

doberkim said...

those are the WAMs - weave-o-matics :) they bend at the base to open up at a v, but close if you want.

dont work for my dogs though :) ill get to the shaping post soon...