Tuesday, February 23, 2010

thursday, longevity, and switching oh my

last weeks thursday class i worked berlin. clearly we need a stay revamp again - we worked those last night and she had to have some reminders from mom. but she did hold stays while i was working and playing with rah in front of her.

otherwise she worked her little butt off, i was very happy with it. her retrieves need to be faster and more committed, but she's doing them cleanly. in my mind i score attitude, i cant help it.

broad jump needs to be broken down to basics for a minute to remind her that i KNOW this is a very small jump and its nothing for her, but she still needs to put more EFFORT into it :) maybe ill jump her higher than she needs to be just to make the broad jump bigger...

with all the dobes getting sick (just got word on another) and faced with their limited timelines, i think i need to have at least one dog in the house that i can look to being able to show/train/compete/LIVE til 10. its just not fair, getting a dog ready to come out in utility and prepared for so much awesome-sauce-ness and then to have this happen - to be faced with the limited future we have, however long it is.

this heartache is too much sometimes. it wont stop me from having dobermans, but there may be another breed here too.


Dawn said...

I'm so sorry that Rah is ill. Only you can make the decisions that are right for the 2 of you. I hope that you and Rah can enjoy each other for a long time.
As for adding another breed, what are you thinking about? I have a huge list of second breeds I would like ot add.

Joanna said...

Oh, I know this song. Three generations of Danes before they broke my heart into pieces too small to sweep into a bucket.

Dawn and I both have Cardigans. Biddable, FUNNY, wonderful workers, with a big fat off switch. Fantastic to live with and very forgiving. Very little style in the OB ring, though! But wow do they live forever; that was one of my top priorities when I was looking to switch and I was very serious about it. I was convinced when I took four months to read through the entire archives of the Cardi listserv and the people were still talking about the same dogs (and doing the same things with them) at the end as they had at the beginning!

In Danes the generations switch off every couple of years, and a large proportion of every litter are gone by 6-8. In Cardis 6-8 is when they finally get retired to go live another 6-8 years in pet homes.

manymuddypaws said...

i am sure you have your eye on other breeds that will compliment you, and your dobermans of course. I don't think there is anything wrong with considering another breed. Sometimes the heartache IS too much, and I don't think that anyone will judge you for that.