Thursday, January 27, 2011

class tonight... some videos

tonight was class - the dogs ran outside and did crazy stuff for about 3-4 hours today, and i shoveled for almost 3 - needless to say we were all tired.

this is what my dogs did for half the day it seemed:

so we got to class and were FRIED. but we carried on...
after novice we worked on berlins trick... officially debuted -


i worked mercury with some fronts and such during open but he is very lame today after playing too hard so i quit after 5-10 minutes.
and by the time we got to utility i was exhausted. small class since only two of us showed up - we talked about go outs and signals - since both of these boys ONLY failed go outs at the last trial they were in, we worked on heavy distraction again.

this is rah doing his hardest go outs so far- with berlin and bunny running loose with lydia chasing the wiggly giggly.

sorry its fuzzy - camera didnt know where to focus, and i couldnt get us all in the frame all the time

he actually is going straight - the center is 2 feet to the right of that stanchion - and he does it perfectly for the most part. he's like rain man...


Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

Nice, I just love tricks! And Rah looks great!

Hannah said...

Can't find an e-mail address for you anywhere.

Would you be interested in a 7 month old Dobie with a bite history? I wish I could take this bitch but I just got into sugar glider rescue and it would be too much on my plate.

can give you more details if you e-mail me