Monday, January 17, 2011

should change the name

of this blog to "i dream of UD" because right now both seem as equally unlikely.

perfect MS on sunday. RAH DID SIGNALS. and articles, which broke the entire week before were good (except not wanting to out the article, just like with the glove, AHEM).

no go outs.

= F.


Amy / Layla the Malamute said...

Nah, he's fantastic. He'll get it. I'm confident of it.

Are you guys entered in any obedience trials in March? I entered Layla in Beginner Novice, and am already queasy.

doberkim said...

hey - we're not entered currently except for an ASCA trial in the first weekend. im not sure im going to enter anything because i need to save some money. i wont go up to first dog just for beginner novice (Even though berlin only needs one more leg)... and i wont show rah in utility to either of them right now, so im taking that day off. though there is a much nicer judging panel for rah in maryland... i think im going to try to go down to MD for the cherry blossom cluster though, so i need to save fundage.