Friday, January 21, 2011

obedience and a return to agility

wednesday obedience class and we worked on go outs for rah - tell me how the dog can do go outs with people chasing him, go outs with people poking and talking to him, go outs with people throwing toys at him and around him - BUT HE CANNOT DO THEM AT A SHOW?

i now why they call this futility. how much harder can this be at training before he does it in a show? :) i shouldn't complain, he does them many times- sometimes he just cant seem to focus. and i saw the video from this past weekend - and i can see exactly why he didn't -= i can't share the video out of respect for the judge though.

thursday berlin had a private with our new possible agility trainer - and we did fairly well for a baby dog thats been out of class for 6 months. she was very friendly (BBERLIN as well as the trainer, ha ha) - and she zoomed and was super fast and the trainer said she had a ton of drive and a nice foundation - i need some handling help obviously! she ironically nailed weaves, nailed all her contacts - and had full of fail start line stays. *shrugs*. i will try to take privates until berlin will be ready for her masters level handling class, which will hopefully be soon. berlin loved her, it was funny.

rah is entered this weekend in an AKC trial - but im not sure we're going. im not feeling it right now, and im not sure i want to drive 2.5 hours one way (without traffic, which im not sure will happen on the LIE?) - and my biggest concern is this venue said NO SOFT CRATES. its an ob only trial - so what am i supposed to put rah in? i cannot and will not carry his wire crate in - its great dane sized. and iw ont let people stack on him. grrrrr.

im tired. and i am teaching berlin to pee like a boy. its cute.


Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

What a great boy on all the distractions!

Why in the world would they not allow soft crates? I only bring soft crates to trials and I don't even have large dogs!

Amy / Layla the Malamute said...

That's absolutely ridiculous. Who DOESN'T use a soft crate?? I mean, not counting the 2 pound dogs. All the large dogs have wire crates that are just too damn heavy to carry around. That's pretty ridiculous.

I might do the match on 2/13 at my training building. Not sure about otherwise though. I'd like to take her to a new place before that show so she gets used to working indoors at a new place, so I'll try to find matches elsewhere, too. But it feels so excessive to drive all over the place, spending money on entries and gas, just for a match. But what can you do.

I never knew that was your trainer!! Ann's hoping her dog (I think her name is Secret?) is pregnant, because she'd be getting another puppy out of her. That's so cool.

We're taking a bit of time off for everything too. We're entered the two weekends in February, and then probably no more agility until April (the first weekend in Freehold) and then again the first weekend in June (also in Freehold). Maybe a single day here and there, but no full weekends.

If you and Berlin decide to do USDAA, let me know! I really want to try it with Layla when I get some money, and there's some team class. I don't know if the dogs can be the same jump height, since Layla & Berlin will both be jumping 26", but I don't know anyone who does USDAA. Ann already has her little Border Collie friends that she teams with. I don't know if Lydia or another friend does USDAA and the team classes, but if they don't, we'd love to team up with you guys.

Figures all the trials are NOW when there's no money around, and then in mid-summer when I have a little extra, there won't be a damn thing!

Amy / Layla the Malamute said...

PS ~ Your new trainer sounds nice! Is it someone I've heard of? If it's a secret, you don't have to say lol

doberkim said...

laura, he's an idiot savant, i swear :) all this pressure at class and in the ring its SO EASY and he's like -- durrr WHAT DID YOU SAY?

we joke that he's the king of passive attention (or is it active inattention?)- he can be staring DIRECTLY at you, heeling (in as perfect a position as he will ever be in), ears are up and towards you - and he's still not paying attention to you. its the whole "yeah i got it i got it we're golden im doing it we're SO GOOD - wait what did you say again?"

and yes, im so po'd about the soft crate thing. i mean, any other dog id be ok, but rah cannot handle NOT being crated at a show - the dog has no off switch and will spend his time trying to steal food, steal things from his training bag, or annoy people. he's TOO BIG to have out hanging around because hes a friggin giraffe. and he will NOT LAY DOWN on a mat at a trial - and its way too cold and unfair to make him stay in the car for 7+ hours and still show AND QUALIFY? when its about 7 degrees outside and he will be across the street in a separate parking lot. and i am NOT bringing his varikennel in from the car :) i mean, i can understand stacking small dogs- but he's huge. he has a 42 inch soft crate - as big as they come. SO BIG in fact that i have to carry it on my head because im not tall enough to carry it off the ground with my arms hanging.

i just wish i had known before i entered (read premiums, the lesson here) - because then iw ouldnt have entered, great judge or not. and there's another show that accepts day of entries for CDSP tmw, but i think i shouldnt drive 2.5 hours in another direction either.

more in another post...

doberkim said...

ok carrying on :)

the trainer we had the private with that i will hopefully keep going with is sherrie wilkes - no secret :) she's put MACHs on dogs but made fun of me because USDAA is where she plays now :) lydia is actually at the trial down at dream park today - she got her last advanced jumpers leg today with an awesome leg she says. i havent done ANY USDAA and i dont know if i can do pairs with lydia (i dont know any rules in USDAA, i rely on other people to tell me the rules or plan my courses, obviously!) do dogs need to be at the same height? if so, then layla and berlin are TOTALLY PARTNERS!!!!!!! we need to find a trial and go!

and yes, its funny that kathy is my trainer - secret is most likely pregnant because they saw one likely baby on ultrasound and will recheck i think next week. there will be lots of pics no matter what because i think the litter will be whelped at my house!!! FURBALLS EVERYWHERE.

Aragon greyhounds said...

No soft crates? All the obedience people out here use them. What are dogs suppose to wait in? Lie at their owners feet? And be incredibly distracted with everyone coming by and touching/petting them?