Saturday, March 12, 2011

agility private

a lot to post about - obedience training for wed and thurs, the agility private, and the trials from the weekend.

but im going to start with the agility private.

here are the courses i ran - this isn't the best copy of what i ran - my drawing isnt wonderful, my photo isnt clear...

this was all us, all hour. it was rough and after 50 minutes we were definitely tired!

sherrie had a lot of good input for us - both on technical stuff and skills, and relationship stuff. she said use food less and tugs more, since berlin is so toy and motion oriented. i had berlin hold her in between when i walked since she cries and doesnt like the crates there - and she wont hold a down stay sometimes. also, when im not working her if she walks or gets sniffy if she gets away from me she wants me to get a tug toy and just run straight away from her - no big to do, no calling her - literally just go and hide, all the fun disappears. berlin was likE WTF ARE YOU DOING MOM. her attitude totally changed. i stopped using toys with rah because getting them out of his mouth was a battle and a half - so we worked that this weekend at the show too, so we reintroduced that as well...

running was ok - i need to not be so frantic and slow down - running faster isnt going to get me ahead of her and get her cues in faster, it just hypes her up and because im running so fast and trying to outrace her, it shoots her past where she needs to be.

the other thing i keep doing is staring at her and watching her, instead of giving her cues and verbalizing to her what needs to be done. watching her and waiting and seeing if she's going to come in and come to me, instead of saying to her "over" or whatever... of course, without instruction as to what comes next im leaving her in a vaccuum...

bad handler!!!!

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