Sunday, March 27, 2011

and the name of this pity party shall be

i suck.

everyone else got UD's this weekend but me (shut up, i know rah wasn't even entered in obedience, yes there are 6 trials but i was shut out of 2 trials for living with a judge who was judging, 1 trial had a shitty judge, and then sat/sun had 3 trials and i opted to show in agility...)

and then yesterday i totally fucked up berlin and she could have qualified but it was all my fault and i dont know how to handle her any better. every time something goes wrong she still takes her stress trot away from me to go visit and I HATE THAT. i dont know the rules (clearly) for the four paw rule because i thought berlin did it because she bailed off the teeter because she approached it sideways and actually jumped it and then put herself cutely on it the WRONG way and nailed a 2o/2o ha ha ha and because she did it twice i walked her off... the judge said later because she did it herself and i never told her that she wasnt going to call it. but we had already NQ'd at that point with an off course double. lydia said i got the benefit of the doubt with the four paw rule because we were in novice. oh well.

in jumpers we were q'ing up until she visited the corner sign and backjumped to get to me :( damnit STOP VISITING.

i guess i just feel really frustrated because everyone else has what appears to be worse trained dogs than me, but their dogs get the job done. and here i am with doberdorks 1 and 2, who cant get a leg between the two of them to save their lives.


and now im overanalyzing berlins issues ...


Kennedy said...

Awwww. Hang in there! We ALL go thru these times and it WILL get better. I won't pretend topi know what caused it in your dogs - I can't identify it in mine most times! - but these moments will be the foundation too your successful moments. Been there, fine that, and had many "I want to quit" and "I'm a crappy handler" moments.

Amy / Layla the Malamute said...

First of all, Rah's fantastic. The first time I saw a video of you and he in Utility, I was blown away. You look like you've done this a billion times, and so did he. Now I know I'm not the best judge - my dog can't heel on leash for fucks sakw - but I really believe it's only a matter of WHEN for Rah. He's awesome, and you are too. The first trial on Sunday, there was only ONE dog who Q'd in UA. I don't know why. But really, he'll get his OTCh.

As for Berlin, she's great too! But, bitches are bitches. I'm often reminded of why every single dog I've had in the past has been a male. I don't even really get along with human females as well as human males. I don't know what makes them visit. I don't have anything close to an idea of how to fix it. The usual stuff I'm sure you've done; constantly moving and never letting her think she's wrong, etc. Personally, I doubt that method anyway. Just knowing a mistake has been made shouldn't make them think the world's ending.

I 1000% understand your frustration. I can't get a second JWW Q - really? We're one leg away from being in Excellent Fast, and can't do a Novice Jumpers course? And the worst is, most of the mistakes are mine. I know what you mean about the worse trained dogs - it's such bullshit. I see these dogs who don't look like they even know their name, and then get 1st place. I don't get it. But, if you weren't certain of Berlin's and Rah"s potential, you wouldn't be frustrated. So yeah, that's what makes it worse, they aren't doing what you KNOW they're capable of, but on the other hand, you also know that they can and will!

I don't really have good advice - just sympathy because I know EXACTLY how you feel. But I think you and your dogs are incredible.