Saturday, March 19, 2011

just a little frustrated.

i know i still need to post about a lot of stuff, including berlins CD and another UD leg for rah.

last night after work my trainers invited me to do some training with them when they worked their own dogs. we just did our own thing - the arcade in our shopping center is having a donkey kong tournament because its the 30th anniversary and there are tons of gamers there, so its actually a good distraction, rah was all over the place.

and he couldnt do go outs. im so disappointed - he was in his own building, to a wall he trains to, and for 2 of the go outs he couldnt get his mark. i was so frustrated and it makes me feel like hes never going to get this darned UD.


they kept reminding me hes a baby dog and these are baby dog mistakes, these are things green dogs make and i can absolutely see that what happens is rah starts to think about things outside the ring then because he knows hes not focusing, he overfocuses and he confuses himself about what his job is - he overthinks and forgets.


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