Monday, May 12, 2008

approaching week 5

worked the pile tonight and rah did something very amazing - i had set up the pile (we start this week with 4 articles already in the pile for the first retrieve) and while i was putting berlin in th kitchen, rah ran to the pile while my back was turned, sniffed them all, and then returned to me without an article.

he returned without one, because i hadn't scented and placed one yet - so he made the RIGHT CHOICE. he could have just picked up anything - he's never come to me in the past WITHOUT one, because there has always been one there for him!, but he didn't have one to pick up (granted right now they are both hot scented and still have a small dab o' cheese)... so he just came back to me.

very proud, very proud.


workindogged said...

You should be proud! That's awesome!!

Kais_mom said...

Congratulations, he made the right decision and it is not something you would have expected. Keep up the great work!!!