Saturday, May 17, 2008

UKC trial and error

the UKC trial took forever. got there and got the last
two crate spots so my dogs wouldnt have to be outside
in the car, and waited... and waited. the one judge
took about 15 breaks (no lie) - it took her 3 hours to
do 11 dogs. THREE HOURS. rah didnt go on until 4 pm
for the first trial.

amazing heeling. amazing. amazing set ups, wonderful
transitions. i lost 3 points for crowding me and 2
points for crooked sits on lead/fig 8, and only 1
point for a crooked sit off lead. he was SO ON, it was

and he broke his wait and ran around the jump. blew
first place, lovely friggin trophy too, high scoring
rescue. i pulled him from the other three trials.
everyone loved him, came up to me commenting on it, ,
but he just shut down right in front of the jump,
wouldnt set up, didnt want anything to do with it.
judge was nice, she let me work him in the ring and i
restrained him and sent him over the jump and he did
it, so i ended on that. did everything else ok.

decided to just leave at that point - he had a good
time in the ring, ended on a good note, and he
otherwise did AMAZING in the ring, couldnt have asked
for more (except going over the jump!!!!!!!) and by
then i was dehydrated and exhausted from waiting and
just wanted to get home and rest. next time they trial
im going to bring my crate up the night before, and go
up later in the day and not have to wait all that

i have to figure out how to work through this jump
issue, it's really getting frustrating.
he's fine with directed jumping now, but i use his toy
as a motivator for that.

i think i need to get those jumping books on how to
teach your dog to jump.

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