Thursday, May 8, 2008

just a brief rundown

to be elaborated on more when i am not so tired, maybe tomorrow night.

weaves - yay!
chute - awesome
the wave - interesting :)
starting dogwalk - was good then bad. it's not paranoia if people are really out to get you.
learning 2o/2o - WOW!
target - rah is worse than a 4 month old puppy.

berlin's attention class -
yay good playing
doesn't understand collar pops yet
yay we finally start heeling
good stationary attention from side, good from front.
need to work more on the games.

rah's class:
heeling - motivating the fasts. straighter sits when off leash? both on short side and on long side.
worked off leash and very very good.
SFE's transitioning to other SFE's and confusion between stay and wait.
fronts - yucky! trying angles and holding dogs head to make them straight.

open heeling yay yay yay. finally a straight sit after fast normal halt.
issues with ROH again not wanting to set up. good ROF, good fig8. worked marking games with terry, not moving behind that now, to get his head off the ground and back on me.
restrained recalls very straight fronts.

utility -
good gloves - holding. good marking, but tries to take all the cheese at once. need to work on him looking up but not using my arm to get him to do it, because he confuses me putting my arm back down with the "look" i use for go outs.
articles - worked more of week 4 very good job!
go outs - awesome. awesome awesome. sitting from halfway across room. work just the sit part so he understands that.
directed jumping actually not bad.
signals and moving stand on my own, ok.

ill elaborate all tomorrow, im just too tired tonight.

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