Sunday, May 11, 2008

short and sweet sundays

that unfortunately don't involve scent articles today, which makes me a very bad owner BAD BAD BAD BAD me.

tomorrow i HAVE to work stays and scent articles - this will be the third week rah is on week four now, because we're only working articles 2-3 times a week!! he only has one more pile (or two??) to work before we can move onto week 5, so by class thursday he will be onto week 5. and we NEED to work stays because this weekend he's entered in 4 UKC shows (because i am a glutton...)

worked berlin for sits and platz with the clicker, got nice speedy accurate ones woohoo.

tried to do more target training with rah as the agility chick wants us to, but its so hard with him, i need a target that wont move or to do it anywhere but the living room. he will target it anywhere, but he doesn't understand to stay on the target until released unless i tell him to stay there.

did go outs the entire length of my driveway, which was about 50 feet, WOOHOO. and he was good for the turn and sits, too! then we did directed jumping twice on each jump without any issue, and practice recall over the jump since its in UKC.

short and sweet. with no articles, like i said. or stays. bad me.

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