Thursday, July 10, 2008

an awesome pasta head

my rahmen noodle was SUCH A GOOD BOY tonight, i love love love good training nights.

started out with stays and again rah was PERFECT. so good! he moved his front feed a bit on the sits, but im not going to correct that at all - he's staying on one position, he's NOT STRESSED and he appears to understand what i am asking of him, so i am pleased. we shall see what happens this weekend when the collar comes off :)

then we did multiple fig8's in a row and then added in halts. rah wasn't bad - i have to remember to push through and really start to signal my left inner post almost as soon as we are out of the right post so that he has a chance to pull himself back because we need that time and that space. good exercise though.

moved to recalls and had fun with them - worked motivational ones, waited a long 6 seconds, then crouched and ran - rah liked this. the last one we did formal, and rah almost broke to come before i called him but saved himself, which was GoOD FOR HIM, he was so proud of himself for it that he came SO FAST to me and actually hit me in the boobs for the front, funny boy.

then we did some heeling and i used the food to keep him tight to me and he had some nice sits ! woohoo! (set up a private for him too, on the 19th).

moved to a new dumbbell game, we did it as a recall, dropped the db halfway between us and the dog and called them, they had to pick it up on the way to us. rah ran so fast that he overshoots the db and almost falls on his face picking it up each time, its so funny, but he came in nice and SO FAST and straight it was awesome.

high jump - did a NICE ONE and retrieved his db, so i did one and called it quits :) cant ask for more than that! not pushing him til he screws up!

broad jump worked him from both sides, had fun, he did a few nice ones, stepped on it twice but worked through it.

on to utility - started with signals, heeled into the stand and he was good for the first one then kept trying to sit (ha ha too much work on his halts!) so im going to just not give him halt footwork for the time being. he did some nice signals after a few fumbles with getting him to stay there without fidgeting (i need to figure out stay v. wait) and then it happened...

when i went to recall him from the sit i backed up and fall over someone elses article pile and landed on their articles. it hurts SO BAD - the metal article in my fat ass!!!!! OUCH OUCH OUCH!

moved onto go outs and directed jumping - good go outs, even did one without any cookie. homework for this week is working him to go out and call him to sit before he gets the cookie. then did two jumps and he did them well without any hesitation - im almost ready to say that our jumping issues have worked themselves out!

articles next, and lydia put out our articles like a real pile and then put out the one i scented. the first one he went out and never foudn the article because lydia had it very far away, so he just picked something and i corrected him, then he found it and brought it back. then he worked the pile the next three times like a PRO and found them all on his own and brought them back to me and i am so proud of him, he's so cute!!!!! yay, good sniffer!

did moving stand next, and then did some work with rah's novice stand.

then called it a night, im exhausted and very sore.

it was a GREAT training night and im very pleased with how he worked...

rah's first entry is in - august 31st, morris hills dog training club. commence "finish rah's CD" and "kim's hopes and dreams of getting him into the TT".

there. i said it out loud. im afraid to admit it, kinda. but i think he could do it. so does my trainer. i can only pray...

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