Saturday, July 5, 2008

a woo and a boo

ended up skipping training on thursday - after running errands on thursday, we went out for dinner and ended up with some stomach aches and didn't feel much like training and instead needed to stay on the couch moaning and groaning.

today came straight home from work, let the dogs potty, and then headed to the match. berlin adjusted to the building and then took and passed the CGC!!! woohoo for her, my good dawg!

then i had about 5-10 minutes to get rah out and warm him up (oxymoron, it was about 90 degrees and 100000% humidity today, in the prethunderous state all day) before he had his first ring time. i got him out, brought him in the building, and platzed him while i looked in his bag for a second leash and a proper toy for him, and a young girl came in with her crazed lab who wanted to come up to rah and sniff him. rah said in no uncertain terms that rah really didnt WANT to be friends with the lab, and i told rah to leave it and platz. the lab again, came right back over, and i told the girl to get her lab off of rah. rah then stood up and turned and REALLY TOLD THE LAB to leave him alone. i didn't correct rah (no reason to - he was being a dog, and was quite controlled - all he did was growl!) and he was within his right to growl at a large, idiotic intact male lab who was mounting and pawing at him and invading his own personal space.

i then warmed him up and played some games outside the ring, then finally got our ring time. i am happy to say we had nice attention going INTO the ring, and setting him up. our heeling on lead was horrendous, IMO - his halts were ridiculous and crooked off the wall. he dropped his head right before we stepped off, so i broke him out and started over, kathy (im very happy with that run through, she was VERY critical) was a tyrant over us and worked us hard - i was sweating! i think im going to set up a private with her. moved to the figure 8 and she had us circling for what seemed like forever and she gave me some good suggestions that i do wrong to fix rah.

moved to his SFE and he screwed up BAD RAH but nailed his second one. heel off leash he was better but still not perfect and she had us do left after left after left and finally he NAILED a sit and she said BINGO that is the sit he is capable of. so that is what we need to work on. then we did a recall but i didnt call him, i just waited him and went up to him for holding his wait while she said "call your dog".

i do think i need to set up a private with her - she had a lot of input on my hip angles, w hich cue rah off on why he cannot halt straight. and why cant i stop right???

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