Thursday, July 3, 2008

bad mommy

i realize i never posted about last thursdays evening classes, but suffice it to say rah was rocking it and he did awesome at pretty much everything! woohoo rah rah.

last night berlin had attention 2 and she was pretty good - we did some left turns and she was double leashed and she is already swinging her butt over, what a good little girl.

rah had his second to last flyball class and my trainer thinks rah needs to get himself on a team now! so now i am off to email the two teams in NJ (how we, as one of the most populated state, have only two teams is beyond me) and see if they want rahrah. cheryl said he's a very fast dobe and any team would want him...

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Anonymous said...

If you join an NJ team, it probably won't be long before you race against my team. :) That would be cool!